Our Services

We are happy to see all conditions relate to the ear, nose and throat areas. This includes neck , thyroid and salivary gland swellings.

Fast access Paediatric ENT assessments can be arranged within 2 weeks of GP referral.

Hearing assessment is available for both children (2 years and above) and adult patients. This is Medicare rebatable

We endevour to provide a single appointment for hearing and specialist assessments for the convenience of patients. 

Related speech and swallowing conditions are considered in a multidisciplinary setting with a speech and swallow pathologist in the same practice. 

A snoring and sleep disorder multidisciplinary clinic will be available in the near future.

Adult and paediatric public uninsured patients can be seen at Murdoch ENT and have their procedure performed at Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital. In addition, the option to be treated at the Fiona Stanley Hospital will soon be available. Paediatric cases can also be placed on the operating list at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. 

We endevour to see urgent cases within a week if the referring Doctor makes personnal contact.

Murdoch ENT is a private billing practice. Veterans with gold card status are direct billed. We do not see medico-legal, cosmetic or compensation cases.

Payment is appreciated on the day of consultation. The cost of the consultation will be explained when the booking is made. 

Please bring along any x-rays, scans or reports which are relevant on the day of consultation. 

A quotation for any surgery will be provided beforehand. This will only reflect our fees. It is up to the patient to determine their gap amount from their own health fund once the item number is provided. 

Surgical fees must be paid in full prior to proceeding with any operations.

Referral letters from General Practitioners are required if you wish to claim back the Medicare amount.  This is a stipulation from the Commonwealth Government and Medicare. It is illegal for GPs to backdate referrals. It is therefore important that you ensure your appointment has a valid referral period.   

When making an appointment, please state if the primary concern is related to adult or children’s  ear, nose or throat areas. This will allow the receptionist to facilitate the earliest appropriate appointment to assist you.